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Sierra Monolithics, Project: President & CEO
SMI is a fabless IC and module company that develops wireless RFICs, Optical and microwave products including WiMAX, OC-192 & OC-768, and many military applications. Contact: Charles Harper, Executive Chariman & co-founder, 310.698.1001; Steve Krausz, General Partner, USVP, 650.926.7708
Stantum, Inc., Project: Director North America Sales & Business Development
Stantum is a fabless IC, IP and software company start up based in Bordeaux, France developing multi-touch technology for the hand held, cell, PDA and consumer markets. Contact Robert Pelissier, VP Marketing, Sales & BD,, 011 33 556 460 344.
SiliconBlue Technologies, Project: VP Sales
SiliconBlue is a fabless IC start up developing FPGAs for the wireless cellular, PDA and handheld markets. Contact Kapil Shankar, CEO & co-founder, 408.530.8800x801
Teradici, Project: VP Sales
Teradici is a fabless semiconductor company developing virtual desktop ICs for PC, workstation, and server applications. Contact: Dan Cordingley, CEO, 604.628.1201
Exar, Project: VP Sales
Exar is a fabless IC company that develops Analog & mixed signal products for communication, network, clock & timing, and storage applications. Contact: Roubik Gregorian, 510.768.7702
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
Projects: SVP Business Development, Chief Financial Officer, VP Marketing, VP Engineering, VP Operations, VP Sales

AMCC develops and manufactures communication ICs including ATM, SONET, fiber channel, etc. Contact: Dave Rickey, ex-President & CEO, 858.748.4944, VP Human Resources, 858/535-6554
Atsana Semiconductor, Project: President & CEO
Atsana Semiconductor is a fabless IC company developing wireless multimedia ICs. Contacts: Greg Baletsa, General Partner, Stata Ventures, 978.470.3823, Luc Lussier, Founder, 613.298.3110
Axiom Microdevices, Project: Vice President Quality Assurance
Axiom is a fabless semiconductor start-up company developing watt level CMOS fully integrated power amplifiers for wireless applications. Contact Antoine Paquin, ex-CEO, 949.903.4004
Azanda Network Devices, Project: VP of Operations
Azanda develops communication ICs. Contact: Bidyut Parruck, Founder, 408.720.3131, Rob Chandra, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners, 650/853-7000
Big Sur Communications, Project: VP Engineering
Big Sur is a fabless IC start up developing Storage Area Networking ICs. Contact: Joe Vithayathil, ex-Pres., 203.982.8884
Broadcom Corporation, Projects: VP/GM WAN Business Unit, GM PC Client Access Business Unit, VP Business Development & Strategy, VPGM LAN Business Unit.
Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. Contact: Marty Colombatto, Sr VP GM Broadband Networking, 949/585-5580, Henry Nicholas, CEO, Pres, COB, 949/450-8700
Chameleon Systems, Projects: VP Engineering, VP Operations
Chameleon is a fabless IC company developing reconfigurable processor products for the communication market. Contact: Chuck Fox, ex-CEO, 510.710.7421, Russ Irwin, General Partner, Convergence Partners, 650/854-3010
Epion Corporation, Project: Board of Director
Epion is a semiconductor equipment company that has developed a revolutionary Gas Cluster Ion Beam technology. Contact: Allen Kirkpatrick, CEO and Founder, 978.670.1910 x212
Extreme Packet Devices, Projects: VP of Sales
Extreme Packet Devices is a fabless communications IC company. Contact: Bruce Gregory, ex-CEO, General Partner Kodiak Venture Partners, 613/797.0333, Dave Furneaux, General Partner, Kodiak Venture Partners, 978/369.3687x 230
iWatt, Inc, Project: President & CEO
iWatt is a fabless semiconductor company that develops Analog/Mixed signal power supply ICs. Contact: Art Collimeyer, Founder & Chairman, 408/341-0453
JAM Technologies, Project: VP Marketing
JAM is a fabless IC start up company developing Digital Class D Audio Amplifier ICs. Contact Phil Nyborg, ex-CEO, 919.459.2400
NetCell Corporation, Projects: VP Engineering, VP Marketing
NetCell is a fabless IC company developing Storage Processors which incorporate SATA, RAID, iSCSI, etc. in a single chip solution. Contact: Andy Mills, President and CEO, 408.240.8845
Oluma/OptIC, Projects: President & CEO, Board Member
Oluma is a start up developing Optical Networking ICs and components. Contact: Adam Grosser, General Partner, Foundation Capital, 650/833-3526 Shulai Zhao
, CTO Oluma, 760/918-0890 x 117
Philsar Electronics, Projects: President and CEO, VP Operations Philsar is a fabless IC company which has developed a unique radio signal processor for the wireless communications market. Contact: Dave Furneaux, General Partner, Kodiak Venture Partners, 781.684.0230, Luc Lussier, Founder, 613/298.3110
PMC-Sierra Semiconductor, Project: VP Operations
Sierra is a fabless IC company which develops communication products. Contact: Dick Koeltl, President, Semi Power, 408.832.8142
Redswitch, Project: VP Marketing
Redswitch is a fabless IC start up developing Infiniband and RapidIO products. Contact: Wen Li, Presidient & CEO, 408/719-4899
Silicon Motion, Project: VP Engineering
Silicon Motion is a fabless IC start up developing graphics ICs Contact: Jack Carsten, General Partner, Horizon Ventures, 650.917.4100
Spectrian Corporation, Projects: VP Semiconductor Operations, VP and General Manager - Wireless ICs
Spectrian's Semiconductor operation develops and manufactures RF Power ICs for the communication and HDTV markets. Contact: Garry Garrettson, President and CEO, 707.824.2060
Terablaze, Projects: VP Engineering, VP Marketing
Terablaze is a fabless IC start up developing communication ICs. Contact: Shankar Mukherjee, President, 408.221.8015
Trebia Networks, Project: President & CEO
Trebia Networks is a fabless IC start up developing Storage Area Networking ICs. Contact: Dave Furneaux, 781.684.0230
Triscend, Project: VP Marketing
Triscend is a fabless IC start up developing configurable system-on-a-chip products. Contact: Wes Patterson, Chairman, 505/758-2637
Tropian, Inc., Projects: VP Engineering, VP Operations, Senior Director, Engineering - Wireless ICs
Tropian is a fabless, wireless IC and systems company developing products for handheld and basestation markets. Contact: Mike Elliott, Founder 408/579.9223, Russ Irwin, General Partner, Convergence Partners.

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